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Quality Transmission Repair In Columbus & HILLIARD

Quality Transmission Repair

The transmission system in a vehicle is very complex, and as new models roll out year after year, they become increasingly more complicated. Because the transmission system in your truck or car is intricate, you need a certified professional to handle it. Made up of hundreds of parts, you can’t trust an amateur to provide quality transmission repair. At Mr. Transmission, it’s easy to see that we specialize in transmission repair. Our certified mechanics dismantle, clean, inspect, and repair each component of your transmission system to provide accurate and effective repairs.

At Milex - Mr. Transmission od Columbus, we don’t cut corners. We repair or replace all worn out or damaged parts with only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Each part is thoroughly inspected, repaired or replaced, reassembled, adjusted, and tested to ensure that they work properly. With our attention to detail, we can ensure that your vehicle doesn’t leave our shop unless it is ready for whatever the road might bring.

Affordable Transmission Repair

A transmission repair isn’t always a major process. Sometimes all your vehicle needs is a minor adjustment that can be done without removing the entire transmission. Unfortunately, some mechanics in the Columbus area will take advantage of this and still charge you as though it were a large repair. A minor repair can turn into a major expense when you don’t take your vehicle to a reputable auto care center. At Mr. Transmission of Columbus, we are always honest with our clients, and we let you know exactly what type of repair is needed. No price gouging guaranteed. 

Transmission Repair and Reseal

Is your vehicle leaving ugly spots behind in your driveway? It may be that your vehicle needs a transmission reseal job. Our certified technicians perform a lift inspection to find out exactly where the leak is coming from. We then perform the reseal job carefully, so that the repair will last for many miles ahead. 

Cars We Service

When it comes to transmission repair services, we work on it all. Our shop handles automatic and manual transmissions, both domestic and foreign makes and models, as well as trucks, four-wheel drive, hybrid, diesel, and recreational vehicles.

For more information about our transmission services, reach out to our North Columbus office today. Call us or simply stop in!

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FAQs About Transmission Repair

Q: How much will a transmission repair cost?

The total cost for a transmission repair depends on what is wrong with the transmission system and what parts are needed to fix the issue. Because of this, every transmission fix is different in price. The majority of transmission repairs are minor and do not require a complete overhaul of the transmission. You can count on our team to provide you with an honest diagnosis of what your transmission needs. Our Columbus team is here to work with you. We can answer your questions and provide you with an estimate before the work begins. Our shop also offers a free performance check to determine what is wrong with the transmission, which allows us to create a plan of action and a more accurate price quote. 

Q: Do you offer towing?

Towing is free with a major transmission repair within the local area of a participating Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, Dr. Nick’s Transmission, or Multistate Transmissions. Check with our Columbus office for more details. 

Q: What is your warranty?

Mr. Transmission has a standard 6-month/unlimited or 12-month/12,000-mile transmission warranty, as well as extended warranties. Chat with our office for more information. 

Q: Is my warranty good anywhere?

Our warranty is valid across the nation at any of our service centers and affiliates of Mr. Transmission, Multistate Transmissions, or Dr. Nick’s Transmission, so you can find the service you need at the moment you need it. 

Q: How long will the transmission repair take?

The timing of the repair depends on the type of transmission repair, our facility schedule, and how fast we can get the necessary parts. We will keep you updated throughout the process so you know when your vehicle will be ready to go. 

Q: Will you be putting all new parts in my transmission?

For transmission repair and rebuild jobs, our crew uses both new and re-manufactured parts when required and rebuilds the transmission back to (OEM) manufacturer specifications.

Q: Do you have financing for transmission repair?

Most locations offer third-party financing with approved credit. Some locations also offer 90 days same as cash or 12-month, same as cash financing. Please contact our Columbus team directly for more information on financing availability and transmission repair options.